This is our second year walking Hugo.Hugo is a Coton Du Tulear.  He's a little "spit fire" - full of pep and attitude. 

"Davisville Dogs is an integral part of Hugo's routine.  Hugo loves Sue and Paul and they have been so thoughtful with their interactions with him. Whether it's sending me a pic of their walk that day or providing some tips on how to handle his fear of bikes and big dogs.  We know he's being well cared for and would we highly recommend their services!  

Thank you for keeping Hugo safe and happy!"





Gus is a very "chill" Labradane.  Our daughter calls him "Gus Bus" because he's easily the biggest dog we walk or board. He loves to sit on the sofa when he's boarding at our house and has very particular ideas about the direction of his walks. He will let you know if you're going somewhere he doesn't want to go. Thanks for keeping it interesting, Gus! 

"Davisville Dogs has been a wonderful addition to my / Gus' daily routine. They are flexible with pick up and drop offs and always reach out if they notice anything different with Gus.  An added bonus are the little things like bringing in my mail packages and leaving the lights on if it's dark.  But most of all Gus flies out the door with his tail wagging for his walks or his sleep overs!  Thank you Davisville Dogs for taking great care of Gus and making my worries disappear."




Puppy Walks and Visits

We've been visiting Rufus since he was two months old. Rufus is a Bernadoodle and a bundle of energy and joy. He loves people and, as puppies do, says hi to all the humans walking by. 

"Sue and Paul have been amazing with Rufus.  They maximize the time with their puppy visits and are very receptive to new training techniques.  Rufus loves boarding with them too, which puts us at ease when we need to go away for a night or two."

Kara, Davisville Village




We've boarded Teddy several times and he's become a real member of our family. Teddy and Newman are excellent together and could run around the living room and back yard chasing each other all day!

"Teddy came home from his boarding a happy & tired puppy. He learned to do his business in the backyard all by himself. He had all kinds of neat stories, like how to find someone during the hide and seek game."

Monica, Leaside


Spicy and Rocky

Cat Visits

Spicy is the ginger cat on the left and that's Rocky on the right.  We cat sit these two playful felines.

"I am delighted at the opportunity to recommend your services to other people.  We travel a lot, and it is so reassuring to know that my two darling kitties and my fish will be well looked after, the house will be taken care of, and I will return from short or long visits to find my home and it's occupants in perfect order."

Desre, Leaside